My ex bought me a Kings of Leon t-shirt one Christmas; I refused to wear it until I saw them live in concert. In October 2010 that 2year long dream finally became a reality. Listening to the radio whilst driving to work it was announced… K.O.L was FINALLY coming to South Africa.

Words could not describe just how excited I was. However, as only Murphy would have it my dream would have to wait a little longer when Nathan Followill took to twitter to announce the postponement (of their March 2011 date) to October 2011 due to a torn labrum and bicep.

At long last the big day had arrived; I cut the tag off my K.O.L t-shirt, spray painted “Mrs Followill” on the back of it and slipped it over my head. I was ready to go!
Having learnt my lesson from a previous concert I travelled into town, wore boots instead of heels and made sure there was enough time to stop at Beefcakes and ogle at the very sexy barmen…

Once at the stadium, I watched 2 of 3 opening acts The Black Hotels and Die Heuwels Fantasties. I’m not sure whether to blame the icy cold nip in the air or the dying patience of the fans but both bands received half-hearted responses from the crowd. Understandably after almost a year 40 000 fans were all there for one reason and we wanted to get it started.

With explosive opening number “Crawl” and their undeniable sexiness K.O.L had the crowd eating out of their guitar strumming hands. In true K.O.L style lead singer Caleb said very little, only stopping to note that “…I must say, this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been” and “It looks like you guys are having a good time”.
Their set consisted of old classics such as “On Call” and “Taper Jean Girl” and newer releases such as “Mary” and “Pyro” a taste of something for every K.O.L fan. The band closed their set with “Sex on Fire”, at which point the entire stadium erupted in to one huge sing-a-long.

The stage went black and the crowd began to chant “Use Somebody”. K.O.L came back on stage for their encore which consisted of a fireworks display and mind blowing performances of “Bucket”, “Use Somebody, “Manhattan” and “Black Thumbnail”.
To say it was worth the wait is the understatement of year! Yes, I was disappointed that a few of my favourites “Milk”, “Soft”, “Charmer” and “Cold Desert” were not played but a night to remember none the less. The Followill quartet better watch out before I take Caleb up on his offer to party with them over the next few days.

Check out the video of Closer posted on Youtube by a fan named Blackbeard

-Nicole Groenmeyer

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