Designer Hugo Flear is at the very beginning of his career and if his latest range is anything to go by he’s definitely one to watch for avant garde style. I shot with him a few weeks ago and asked a few questions.

YM: You’ve been designing for a few years (how many?) now; how did you get into it?

HF: I have been studying design for the past six years. I first studied Graphic design and photography at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography where I majored in applied design. I graduated in 2008 with my BA. I love fashion, but my first love will always be graphics; fashion is something I wanted to do from a small age. And when I completed my BA in graphics, I applied for Fashion at CPUT. With my background in graphic design, it allows me to combine my two passions.

YM: What was the inspiration behind this shoot we’ve just been working on?

HF: My inspiration was a futuristic surreal race, from the year 3011. With this said, it allowed me to design garments with a purpose; an outer garment with an under garment. It deals with thinking of the elements in which my surreal race will be living in.

YM: Did the team work as well as you expected? 

HF: Absolutely, it took detailed planning and organising to make it all happen. Working with people you never worked with is quite a daunting task. But in the end it all worked out and I am grateful for every ones involvement.

YM: Are you happy with the way the shots came out? Compared to what you expected how are the shots?

HF: Yes I am indeed, it was nice to let other people in to give their opinions, because I have been thinking about the shoot since the beginning of the year, and one tends to get too restricted in your own ideas, so allowing other people to express their ideas, will direct the shoot in a different direction, for the better!

YM: What’s your inspiration when designing?

HF: My inspiration when designing; life and my imagination. I don’t allow myself to look at what other designers are doing out there, and especially with my concept, futurism, you as a designer can quickly be directed into a direction. What’s the point of designing if you allow yourselves to be influenced by other peoples opinion of the future! I should be my vision, which makes it fun, it’s all in the realm of imagination.

YM: Describe to us your favourite style

HF: Without a doubt, deconstruction; Kenzo, and John Richmond, Karl Lagerfeld. Modern design, innovative designers.

YM: There must be a designer you’ve always admired. What would you do if you got to spend some time with them?

HF: Karl Lagerfeld, he always inspired me, he is definitely a fashion visionary! Just look at what he did to the house of Chanel and Fendi and his own label; he is by far a great inspiration.


Stylist: Hugo Flear

MUA: Alet Viljoen

Photographer: Katia Lekarski

Model: Jade S of DNA Model