Since the announcement of Coldplay’s tour making its way through South Africa I have eagerly been counting down the months, days and finally the hours.

Rushing from work at 5pm to get into Town, weaving my way through the evening traffic and eventually reaching my destination, which was Greenpoint stadium, was not an easy task.  After noticing that the CBD had basically been shut down for this once in a life time concert my partner in crime and I quickly realised that we would have to park my car and make our way by foot. No easy task for a 1.59m girl who wore heels in an attempt to see over the many heads that would be before her.  We joined a sea of fellow concert goers making their way, via the fanwalk, to the stadium and although it was quite a walk (20mintues) it was thoroughly entertaining with eateries along the way, such as Beefcakes, blaring Coldplay’s music to get, and keep, us all excited.

Finally, in the stadium and having found a decent spot, I found The Parlotones (the opening act) receiving an incredibly luke-warm reception from the crowd, who were clearly there for one reason and one reason only! After another 30 minutes, the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted and fireworks went off as Coldplay opened with a song from their up and coming album “Xylo Myloto”.

What I thought would have been one huge sing-a-long session; turned out to be one of the greatest rock concerts I have had the privilege of attending. Coldplay proved once again why they have and continue to be one the world’s greatest bands.

One of my favourite moments among the many such as staring at bassist Guy Berryman, the Mexican cell phone wave and the crowd chanting to “Viva La Vida” was when Chris Martin played his piano and teased the crowd with the opening bars of “Fix You” but instead began singing the lyrics to “Rehab” by the late, great, Amy Winehouse.  The moment was followed by an even more emotional rendition of “Fix You” which had the crowd spellbound.

As Martin joked, it did take them 12 years to get here but DAMN was it worth it, blistered feet and all!

– Nicole Groenmeyer

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