Kaley Meyer is an incredibly talented make-up artist and stylists who has worked on a number of local music videos and shoots. After we did a little shoot for her portfolio I got to ask her a few questions.

YM: You’ve been doing styling and make-up for shoots and music videos for a few years (how many) now, but how did you get in to it?

KM: I have been doing make-up and styling for three years now. I studied make-up and styling for film for four years and started freelancing after I graduated with an honours degree. I started out working for independent film companies and did a lot of my own stuff.

YM: What was the inspiration behind this shoot we’ve just been working on?

KM: I’ve always done stills shoots that that involve the styling being complex and layered, I wanted to try something edgy, fresh and minimalistic. I have always wanted to use my Great Gran’s fur coat in a shoot.

YM: Did the team work as well as you expected?

KM: I think the team worked well together, talented people usually work well together. I think it went well because we were all doing it for fun, there was no pressure or clients to be pleased.

YM: Are you happy with the way the shots came out? Compared to what you expected how are the shots?

KM: I have just taken a look through all of the shots and I am so happy with quite a few of the shots. I love the location and choice of colour palette, exactly what I was going for.

YC: What’s your favourite kind of brief to get when styling or doing make-up?

KM: I always love a brief that has some sort of extremity to it! I’m always up for a challenge. I love high fashion and Avant Garde make-up as well as styling, I’d actually like to do more of that.

YM: Describe to us your favourite style.

KM: I have so many styles that I love and appreciate. I love futuristic style, Vintage, organic, I love catwalk styles the most. Anything that isn’t ordinary. I’m inspired by Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Jeffery Campbell.

YM: There must be some kind of photo shoot you’ve always hoped to do, a kind of dream-photo shoot, can you tell us about it?

KM: My ultimate dream-photo shoot changes constantly! I’m forever changing my mind and my style, however I think my ideal shoot would be something involving beautiful shoes and vintage lingerie in an old motel, or something like that. I have a lot of dreams for shoots.

MUA & Styling: Kaley Meyer.

Photographer: Nick James.

Model: Jade S (D&A Models).

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