Photographer Janine Kuschke offers engaged couples a unique, intimate and authentic pre-wedding experience; photos taken of the happy couple with less cheese and more art. After shooting with the offbeat photographer I asked her a few questions about her work.

YM: You’ve been taking photo’s for a few years (how many?) now, but how did you get into it?

JK: I have been a professional photographer for 7 years, I was lucky to have a very understanding family who let me leave school 2 years early to go study design and art full time. When I qualified I worked at a couple of advertising and design agencies for about 4 or 5 years. I was “successful” but I became more and more disillusioned with this path. I was not satisfied sitting in front of a machine all day long. I was spending more and more time in studios with photographers for my design jobs and soon realised this is where I want to be for sure. I have always had a camera and been very fascinated with the whole idea. I remember having my dad’s old camera when I was about 4 years old. I used to photograph everything whether I had film or not. I just loved seeing the world through that little view finder.

YM: What was the inspiration behind this shoot we’ve just been working on?

JK: The inspiration was basically just branching out and starting a new venture in high-end ‘art’ wedding photography. I wanted to avoid the “cheesy” element altogether. I wanted to show this type of work in a different light. Basically it was for self-promotion purposes.

YM: Did the team work as well as you expected?

JK: Yes everyone worked out really well.

YM: Are you happy with the way the shots came out? Compared to what you expected how are the shots?

JK: There is always an element of surprise and magic when it comes to making pictures so the images I have in my head have to have a little breathing room; room to grow.
I am happy with them, I think they represent my style well and I had fun making them.

YM: How would you describe your style of photography?

JK: That’s never an easy question to answer myself but I will try my best. I think my style, when it is 100% personal work, is clean, classic and with a tilt or a slightly dark edge to it.
It is of course evolving all the time.

YM: Describe to us your favourite photography-fashion moment

JK: Ummmm… I tend to get excited more by working with people who create something out of nothing or very little, so I could say a shoot I did for Kluk CGDT would be my favourite moment but I would be lying. It was great but it was a job; a job I love but a job none the less. I like art that is dressed up as fashion, so experimenting and collaborating with young new comer designers who have nothing to lose excites me very much.

YM: There must be some kind of photo shoot you have always hoped to do, a kind of dream-photo shoot, can you tell us about it?

JK: I have many! The top of the list would have to be an “anything goes” kind of shoot with Tom Waits, a collaboration, preferably in his home.

Photographer: Janine Kuschke

MUA: Melissa Reed

Hair: Cera-Tan Jena Horner

Models: Lisa-Marie, Jade S (me), Nadia M, Lisa K (all D&A Models)

Dresses: The Cat’s Meow



Categories: Fashion Photography