Spanish fashion company Zara will be making its debut opening at Sandton City in Johannesburg today!

Fantastically, as TimesLive reports, the brand will be available at an affordable price range due to the company’s decision to enter SA through the corporate store route which allows it to avoid import fees.

Zara is the world’s biggest fashion retailer; with lines being stocked in over 5000 stores across 78 countries.

This is big, SA!

Zara will add a European slant to SA’s fashion market. The director at Liberty Property, Mel Urdang, says, “Zara brings a differentiation because it’s Spanish…their use of different materials and manufacturers brings to the shopper an alternate choice.”

The store opens in Sandton City where the first phase of the new expansion is creating a buzz; brands from Australia, Europe and the UK will be filling up the lots and fashion-lovers cannot wait.

One person on Twitter posted: “Seriously envious of everyone going to the #ZaraSA launch. Can’t wait for a store to open up in Cape Town.” Another tweeted, “Cannot wait! Beyond excited. #ZARASA is FINALLY here!”

The best news about Zara hitting South African shores? It comes updated. We won’t have to wait two, three or even six months for the latest trends – the Sandton store will stock almost the exact same trends that are gracing the rails up north, with some South Africanised tweaks.

Are you ready girls? We definitely are! And if you want to feel better about spending all your money, you can (kinda) because all the stores are eco-friendly. The way the store is run and the impact it has on both staff and customers is taken into account when it’s awarded the certificate for environmental sustainability. Fantastic!

We’re super jealous we’re missing the opening tonight in Sandton, hope all the stylista’s enjoy it and tell us all, in Cape Town, about it.


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