You say “idol”, I say “Catholic”. You say “Idols SA”, I say “sorry, me no lai-key ka-rai-oke-y.”

Of course, not having an interest in a show like Idols (or the, uhum, “music” it produces)) is hard when you earn your keep sub-editing a celebrity news magazine and your TV-addicted flatmate needs to watch shows like this for her job. Somehow though, I’ve been fortunate enough to only have to snort-laugh my way through 10% of Idols SA Season 7 over the past seven months. What can I say? Universe Guy likes me.

So anyway, about last night… I come home to the sounds of Mark channeling Glambert and sounding like he’s sold his hard-rock soul to the Demon of Pop. It’s at this point where you’ll have to excuse my chronology, as I was at my mandesk doing things and paying as little attention to the TV as possible. I think Dave sang next, and I remember nothing of the performance except that it started in black-and-white because he was covering something old-school, like Sinatra. Whatever he was doing, I was ignoring it. Although, the thought did occur to me that he’d make a mighty fine Elvis impersonator should this whole karaoke business not work out for him.

If Dave didn’t do his white-suited jiggle number straight after Mark, then what came in between the two contestants was so splendid I climbed up onto my mandesk to watch it. The Brothers Streep. Idols presenter ProVerb announces he’s invited them back (I gather there’s some back story here involving the audition rounds) to perform We’re Never Going To Be (SA Idols). They appear to have the same reservations about Idols that I do, ripping off its Singstar-like nature, the presenters and the judges. I for one, will never look at Randall Abrahams without seeing a tanned Lord Voldemort again.

The thing is, these two brothers and their three-piece back-up band completely outperformed the night’s stars – despite the notoriously crap Idols sound rig. Let’s pretend for a sentence that being a musician is just about delivering an entertaining show with what one hopes is a reasonably good song. If that’s what the South African music scene is about, and I’m loathe to admit that it mostly is, then, can somebody hook The Brothers Streep up with a record deal instead of those sing-along Susans, asseblief? If I have to be forced to listen to the winner of a talent show on the radio and TV, I’d like to put my vote behind an artist or band whose hits will at least feature original lyrics and a wonderful, fun sound uncluttered by the clumsy hands of another label-enslaved Igor-slash-producer.

Check out the music video for We’re Never Going To Be (SA Idols) by The Brothers Streep. I can’t tell you much else about the show because after The Streeps my flatmate announced she’s seen enough (of Idols, not the brothers) and can we please watch an episode of True Blood. I said yes, naturally.

Oh, apparently Dave won, by the way.

PS – Did anyone else think ProVerb introducing the brothers as if they were nubes was pretty lame? Didn’t he watch The Comics Choice Awards? Hell, wasn’t he invited to attend? Dude, Idols SA hasn’t made them, Anna Paquin did. In 2009. Duh.

Jo King

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